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Turnkey Marketing Agency!
Let Your Virtual Assistant Do All The Work!

It Is Insane!

Our virtual assistants know it all, from start to finish.  From prospecting to fulfillment and everything in between.  These guys are just special. Check them out.

She's Got Your Back! 

Let Your Virtual Assistant Literally Run Your Entire Digital Marketing Agency!

You just wanted to run a digital marketing agency.  So did we.  It happened to us too.  It happens to a lot of entrepreneurs.  And we wouldn't be surprised if you experienced the same thing as well. How did it start? You saw a bunch of ads, followed some young guy with a Lamborghini to his funnel, and before you knew he got the best of you and you got in a hole for $6,000!  Yes, we know because we probably paid for part of his Lambo. ​

Well, he didn't steal from you.  He handed you 150 videos to go through and figure out how to make the money he made.  He even warned you that if you skip a video, or miss a step, you are going to fail.  Believe it or not, this happens all the time.  Interestingly enough, people somehow skip that one crucial video or miss that one critical step that could have landed them a bunch of clients. As a result, only a handful of those entrepreneurs make out of the $6, 000 hole, the rest just walk away thinking there is something wrong with them or the program they joined was not the right one for them.  A few months later they go and dump the same amount in an other program.  Some of these gurus will even tell you that you have the shiny object syndrome.  There is nothing wrong with you.  The reality is that you probably never had the time, the technical background, or were not from the computer generation and it was taking you longer than the next guy, or you didn't have the extra cash laying around to keep putting money into an operation that was not paying back.  The fact is that it is not easy to learn all the various apps, software programs, websites, plus hold a job to fund this project and take care of the family at the same time.


Meanwhile the Lambo guy keeps pushing you every week in his weekly Live Zoom call, telling you that you got to have grit, be persistent and keep climbing the mountain.  And in every Zoom meeting you see a bunch of new faces that he has just recruited.  You already start to feel the pie is shrinking fast without you getting any part of it yet.


The best part, or the worst part is, a month after you have just spent $6,000 with this guy, you get an email from him inviting you to join an Elite Club.  What? Bet you already thought you were in an elite club after the $6K spend. Not really. What it means is that when you paid him the $6,000, he didn’t share all the tricks of the trade with you.  He was holding some back.  Which he is selling now in this new elite package and asking for another few grands. You feel sick to your stomach.  Literally.  Been there, done that.  Don’t fall for it.  And don’t blame him either.  It is life. 

​If you are in digital marketing, or you are thinking about starting a brand-new agency, you have got it made, literally.  You have come to the perfect place. Your virtual assistant from this page is a highly trained, committed, and hardworking individual who is a cut above the rest, who chose to work hard, and learn the skills that would put them in one of the top earners in their town.  This climber is an entrepreneur like you who creates their own opportunities.  The skills they have learned are to run your entire digital marketing agency. They know it from start to finish.  From prospecting to fulfillment and everything in between.  These guys are just special. Check them out. You don't have to learn anything.  You just hire them and they go to work.  They will take care of your social media prospecting, your CRM, fulfillment, and all the work in between.  Your agency is going to be up and running within a week.  You just sit back and watch what they do.  You are welcome to jump in and help them if you want to, you are the boss!

The cost is way, way, way below than our Lambo guy charges.  And we have no Elite Club.  You don't get stomach cramps with us. Everybody gets the same package and a VA you would love to death!

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