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A Digital Ad Cast Brand

One-Stop Shop To Grow Your Local Business

Why hire marketing agencies for just one campaign and pay them thousands, or tie up highly valuable, well paid company employees with great benefits for something so simple, routine and easy as marketing?  You can have an entire marketing operation that generates much better results month after month than your current system and it be setup and fully managed for a fraction of the cost.

We build an affordable marketing ecosystem around your business and assign a highly trained marketing expert backed by a team as your full-time employee to do everything for your marketing.  Paid, organic, email, social media, SEO, everything is done for you, for a fraction of the cost. How is that possible?  Just let us show you what we can do for your business.  Most small businesses qualify for this marketing ecosystem.  Let's see if your business model is a good fit for savings up to 90% in marketing overhead costs.


Our innovative software is designed to produce results for small businesses in any industry.  It is feature rich and every feature is built to bring in more business to your business, to maximize your ROI.  It brings together every source of organic and paid leads under one umbrella to make sure you never miss a lead. From Google My Business calls and messages, Messenger, Instagram, and web chat to all sources of paid marketing, leads are pulled into your own ecosystem, recorded and nurtured.  There is literally no other software on the market that offers so many ways your business can bring in more clients. 

Our software solution is not just about one trick or one functionality.  There is nothing in the online marketing world that your ecosystem will not do. From collecting leads to nurturing, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, call drops, recorded phone calls, landing pages or funnels, calendars, triggers, workflows, process automations, pipelines, database reactivation campaigns, forms, surveys, website builder, membership platform, and much more. Anything and everything a small business can use to grow is included in your system.   


An isolated website or marketing campaign or two will never take your business to the next level.  Giant billboards are obsolete and irrelevant too in today's hyper targeted marketing environment.  Companies with millions in their marketing budget still invest in billboards and hire marketing agencies because they can.

For small businesses marketing is always a challenge.  They don't know how to market and they don't have the budget to hire marketing firms.

Our marketing system was designed for the small budgets and it gives the business owners complete control over the process.  Our software hooks into your Google My Business, Messenger, Instagram, and your website within 24 hours and starts to bring in new leads. Within a week your site is listed on 150 top rated website on top search engines with the focus to generate local traffic to your physical location. Next we add  organic lead generation activities to the mix by using free marketing methods on the social media.  Before you know, you have a live, thriving marketing ecosystem that continues to get better everyday.


If you are a small business chances are you don't have a marketing graduate on your staff.  Even if you did, for today's marketing requirements you don't need Harvard level skills.  Most online successful marketers are under 30, and have no marketing degrees.  These are young boys and girls who have just jumped in and mastered the skills by trial and error. 


Even if you have a full-time employee or two without marketing degrees handling your marketing department you are losing money. Your full-time marketing department employees are getting paid anywhere between $30k to $75k or more, and are getting benefits in addition to that. Your overhead is way over where it needs to be.  We believe that you can use this talent in a much more rewarding role within the organization and let the real online guys handle your marketing department for a fraction of the overhead you already have.

Our software, our approach and our low cost business account managers combined provide a cost effective and a much more robust marketing formula for your small organization. 


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