Chat agents provide first line of communication to online customers. They work with companies and organizations that sell products over the internet. Answering customers’ questions, chatting online and providing assistance to them in the buying process are the main role that these agents execute. In a way they are responsible of generating sales by providing excellent customer service. Their tasks include the following :

  • Respond to customers on chat

  • Maintain client relationship for business and help the sales team in achieving target

  • Perform functions such as data entry, data management and data retrieval

  • Use decision-making skills in responding for clients

  • Suggest, promote and guide clients on filing for complaints, refunds and replacements

Janet Coleman, Jackson Town Dental


Our main focus is of course to help bring in more revenue for our clients by running ad campaigns and setting up appointments on their calendar so they can focus more on what they providing the services they offer.  


However, our approach is different from the usual marketing agencies where leads are handed over to the client with a good luck note.  We work closely with our clients before and after the appointments are set up on their calendars.  We make sure that our clients have an environment to work in where their leads are nurtured from the get go until they become confirmed appointments and then become clients.  In order to make that happen, we provide our clients a full featured CRM and website that helps them every step along the way from capturing the lead to closing business. Here are the additional tools and feature we provide to our marketing clients within our CRM environment:

Website/Page Builder: Allows our clients to easily build their own full feature website, funnels and landing pages so they are able to capture leads and setup appointments for themselves from their own contacts and sources.


Surveys and Forms:  One of the best ways to capture highly targeted leads is by creating forms and surveys that, once completed, generate leads.  Our platform helps create forms and surveys in minutes.  


Full Featured Calendar: Helps create online scheduling a breeze.  Prospects can book their own appointments on your calendar.


Nurturing Leads:  You can setup follow-up campaigns in minutes and not have to worry about losing your leads after the initial contact.  It also allows you to connect with your leads via Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and Facebook Manager.


Communication:  Our full featured mobile app makes things easier, you can have a two way communication with leads.  

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