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Marketing for us was just advertising in the local newspaper or changing stuff around on our website. We never saw any difference in the sales but we kept doing it because it felt like we were doing the right thing.  We were not.  If you are not marketing it the right way, you are hurting yourself. You are losing in ad spend, you are not growing, and you are not in the game.

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With over 2.8 billion members and over 1 billion browsing it every day, its a no brainer to market your products and services here.  There is plenty of business to go around for every body.  Even if you keep hearing everybody is advertising on Facebook, don't let it discourage you.  The genius of Facebook is that it is designed for the masses, the average consumer, people you see in the shopping malls, people who are always looking for stuff.  And the best thing about Facebook's marketing technology is that it makes marketing easily accessible to everyone.  We can all hold our little banners and attract even more consumers.  Facebook loves it and encourages it.  That is why Facebook marketing is the cheapest, the fastest, the easiest, and among many, many other benefits, delivers the quickest results anywhere, literally within minutes of launching a campaign. 
So, if you are not advertising on Facebook, you are not advertising in the right place.  Our experts have been in making living on Facebook advertising for over 7 years now and have been through all the changes and new developments in Facebook's algorithms over the years.  We continue to evolve with Facebook's technology and continue to generate outstanding results for our clients every day.  Between our expert hyper-targeted Facebook marketing, use of our CRM, and our exceptional customer service, you are simply in for exceptional quality one-on-one appointments with your prospects every month.  Depending on your industry, we guarantee 10 to 15 appointments every month.  


Well, LinkeIn is not Facebook.  It was never meant to be.  It is not for the masses.  It is for the professional who are there to talk business. And there are over 740 million of them, cramped up on LinkedIn's platform.  It is already a pre-qualified zone.  Just business.  Within the guidelines of the company, everybody is encouraged to meet and greet other business people.  If your business is not on LinkedIn, you could be missing out on a lot of marketing opportunities.   Not everybody on Facebook is a decision maker. It is the opposite on LinkedIn. Every account holder is a professional, entrepreneur, or business owner, and they make decisions for their families.  We literally spend every day on LinkedIn building relationships with businesses from across the country in all the various industries.  We chat with them and then offer them our recommendations about what we think they might be interested in.  This is one of the best ways for us to find appointments for our clients.  LinkedIn has taken business relationship building to another level for serious marketers by offering Sales Navigator, which allows you super charge all your activities and provides greater and more targeted results.  

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Instagram is all about visual marketing.  It is actually the best way to build a brand.  We use the platform to build connections with the target audience, and then share products and services offered by our clients. It is one of the best apps to help build your brand awareness and loyalty.

Just like LinkedIn, your success on Instagram depends on how quickly you build relationships with other members. That is why it is essential that you follow, like, and comment on posts from other members and let them know that you are actually engaged and 'follow' them.  Another big plus that both the members and Instagram love, is when you share someone's post with other members or your followers.  That's when things start to happen for you.  

Instagram hashtags and keywords are your keys to search and finding members of a certain category that pique your interest. If you have a marketing budget, you can always generate traffic and get more members,  without directly connecting with them first, interested in your brand, services and products by advertising on Instagram.

Also, you need to know when to use a 'story' or a when is it better to use 'post'. Marketers generally prefer the story option to market as it lives longer and has more visibility.  

If you are a business owner already wearing many hats, do you have the time to spend following hundreds or even thousands of members in your niche?  Probably not.  But should not discourage you into altogether ignoring this giant with mini screens.  It now has over one billion monthly users helping each other in brand awareness.  

Our back office guys live on Instagram and help market for us and our clients. So you may not want to be on Instagram but it is an essential part of our marketing.  


Google is the biggest player in the marketing industry. And a really unique one too.  Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most preferred marketing platforms for most small marketers because they are easier, more accessible, and cheaper.  But they are platforms, where you as a marketer pay for a spot and wave your banner in front targeted audiences, hoping someone would like your product or service or, perhaps, your banner would remind someone of what were looking for.  And more often then not, someone bites.  Google on the other hand, is not a platform.  It is not social media.  It is a search engine.  You don't go after the prospects here. On the contrary, on Google it is your customer and client who is actually looking for you with money in their hand because they know what they want this very minute.  You don't 'sell' on Google.  People just 'buy' what they want.  So, on Google you don't convince people, you just have to show up on top so people can spot you in the crowd.  And of course that is a game changer for Google and other search engines.  And this top spot costs a lot of money, making Google the most expensive, but most accurate place to be at.  You have to bid on the keywords that are expensive.  It is the high cost that scares away most marketers away but if you or your marketer knows how to optimize that search for your local market and pay the right amount at the right place, no social media platform can beat Google's effectiveness.  That was just the paid advertisement part. Google is a lot more about the quality of what you provide also.  Best content, quality, ratings, etc. they all rank you high and generate organic traffic, bringing you customers without you having to pay for anything. Our marketing team has worked with clients over the years and continues to deliver exceptional results with paid and SEO marketing.  

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